During a stay at Carmel's you'll not be short of things to do. Glendalough is one of the most popular tourist sites in Ireland and weather you like exploring ancient ruins or taking senic walks of varying ability, Glendalough is a must see for any visitor to Wicklow. Glendalough features a visitor centre and there are also restraunts and pubs within walking distance.

Upper Lake Glendalough
Round Tower Glendalough

Annamoe is small picturesque village in County Wicklow, Ireland about 32 km (20 mi) from Dublin located on the Avonmore river. It is on the R755 (at the junction with the R763) between Roundwood and Laragh on the road to Glendalough. The small stone humpback bridge is a popular place for tourists to stop and view the beautiful County Wicklow scenery. There is a trout fishery in the village with a 4-acre lake where one can fly or bait fish. A separate fishing pond especially for children allows them to catch elusive brown trout, the rare Arctic char and rainbow trout.